Tumbled Glass For Our Celtic Inspired Jewelry

We love using beautiful tumbled glass in different pieces of our jewelry artwork.  We call it “faux sea glass” and it looks gorgeous used with our favorite metal, copper.  Have you ever explored the beauty and possibilities that can be found in little scraps of tumbled glass?  The artistic wonders can be endless and if you have a stain glass shop near you then  get on over there and see what they offer.

tumbled glass

Showing off some of the different colors of the tumbled glass.

There is just such a shop about a forty-five minute drive from us.  And this shop is to die for as far as stain glass shops go!  It is very large with large windows that really let the light shine in.   There is always so much to see, so many colors everywhere and an endless selection of  gorgeous glass panels all lined up and organized by color.

Whenever our son, who is a stain glass artist makes a trip to this glass shop, I am sure to tag along.   They offer bits of colored glass that are left over from various projects and classes.  The medley of glass is cycled through the tumbler and the edges are soften and rounded and become inspiration for wonderful projects.

The first thing I do when I walk through the door is to head straight for the stoneware bowl to search through the collection of kaleidoscopic pieces.  I practically pick every one up to check out the shapes, colors, hues and patterns.

tumbled glass

A Kaleidoscopic collection of tumbled glass.

They sell these tumbled glass by the pound and I picked up quite a collection.  Just look at some of the pieces I came home with!  Blues, (I love the Blues), greens, yellows, red and different variations in between.

This is my artistic shot, showing off a little of our Maiden Hair fern.

tumbled glassDifferent shades of blue.

tumbled glassSome of the variegated patterns are down right stunning and serendipitous!

Love these.

tumbled glassI snatched up every rose-colored piece of tumbled glass.

tumbled glass

Various colors of purple and lavender pieces.

I can’t wait to see what Ted will make with these bits of tumbled glass.

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you soon at the Gaelic Forge!


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