Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

Making the time to take the photos this past weekend just did not happen.  We vended at the Renaissance Fair and although I kept thinking that I needed to grab my Canon and take the photos, I continued to work and attend to things throughout both days of the fair.

Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

Saturday Morning, getting ready for the show.

These are the only shots I have.  I took them on the morning of set up.  And that’s it.  I did make time to visit the other booths but when I came back to ours, it was back to work for me.

The set up didn’t really take long.  Our son came with us and helped to get everything put up.  This show required our canopy to fit in with the time of a Renaissance Market.  Our son volunteered to make a canopy cover for us.  Three painters canvases later along with a few hours of measuring, cutting and sewing, produced a canopy that was rustic and period looking!  Exactly what was needed and what we wanted.  Thank you Woody!

After all the tables were up and covered with cloths and tapestries I began the course of setting out the jewelry cases.  I wanted everything to be as right and as beautiful as possible.  This was a challenge because we had gusts of wind up to fifteen miles per hour throughout the day.

Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

There I was taking the lint roller to each and every one of our thirty-one trays, striving to make the black velveteen as black as possible.  I love the way our hand forged jewelry looks against the black; but oh my gosh.  It did show every bit of little speck blown to the tray!

The lint roller doesn’t really fit into the tray for a nice clean sweep.  I have to do this at every show and at every show I tear lint sheets off and basically dab the lint up from the trays as I move our jewelry from side to side.  This takes time and is tedious but this is the best way I have found.  A small whisk broom works well for the table cloths.

All in all it was a successful weekend and as with any show we came away with some new perspectives and ideas to help us improve our presentation.  As usual it’s always wonderful to interact with our customers one on one and in person!

Until next time, be awesome and we’ll see you at the Gaelic Forge!


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