Springtime In The Foothills

It is springtime in the foothills and I had been looking forward to taking a break from the normal!   Normality is what Ted calls it.  Get out.  It was time to shake some of  that normality off.

I headed up to the hills.  Bees.  Birds.  Flowers.  Breezes.  Springtime.

Springtime in the foothills.

Happy to be out in the green hillsides!

Sitting in a sea of tall grass watching as it gently danced to the touch of the wind.  Green with wisps of faded color, my companion as I sat in the midst with my camera in hand.  Watching.  I was literally right in the middle of springtime!

Vivid yellow mustard flower.

A single wild flower.I was just loving this day.  My soul was being charged and all for just getting out and taking a break from my normal work.

There’s nothing like a few hours away for quiet discovery.  It’s always the small things that can make such a difference!

I return home and with a refreshed sense of spirit and balance let me share what I found on the workbench!

These pieces will be bold copper earrings, rich with primitive Celtic style.  The rolled copper pieces are held with hammered copper wire.  Hammered copper discs’ are in the background and will be used in other jewelry creations.

Primitive and Celtic style copper earrings.The once molten copper-red is contrasted nicely with the blue accents.

Primitive Copper EarringsThis next piece will be bold with rustic and primitive character.  The copper holds a bit of tumbled glass.

Unfinished Celtic pendant.

Another work in progress. The copper elements may be added to this primitive piece.

Copper Celtic Pendant

Maybe one of the copper accents will be placed here.

Ted  might wrap some wire at the top before it’s suspended from a copper chain.  Or maybe it will be suspended from a leather cord.

I’ll show these again when they are finished and complete.  In the meantime…..

Go discover!

I’ll see you soon at the Forge!


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