Primitive Pendants From Gaelic Forge

Today I’m sharing some primitive pendants from Gaelic Forge.  Some of these pendants feature the tumbled glass that I wrote about here.

Tumbled Glass PendantThis first piece is made with a tumbled emerald green glass.  It is beautiful and translucent as the color sweeps into different hues of green and green yellow.  All very subtle with bubbles within the glass to add an interesting detail.

Ted forge welded several pieces of different lengths copper wire together and next formed them into swirls and curls around the tumbled glass.

Primitive Celtic Glass PendantAs you can see, each side of this pendant has a different dimensional flow of copper swirl and therefore either side can be worn to the front!  This little treasure measures about 2 1/2 in length.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeThis next primitive pendant is also green and very opaque.  The pale green has striations of different hues creating a nice flowing stream of color.  Again, Ted has forge welded several different pieces of copper wire together and secured them around the glass.

And like the first pendant, this one can also be worn with either side turned towards the front.  I love it when we can be a little moody with our jewelry.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeOne more thing about this gorgeous pendant is that it was featured in Belle Amoire Jewelry magazine!  I claimed this one for myself and it has become one of my favorites.  I wear this pendant.  I love the color.  So calm.

This last of these primitive pendants is most definitely complex and bold!  You’ll know when you should wear a piece of jewelry like this one!  If you are having a bold day, statement day, creative day, whimsical day or eccentric day, this pendant can become your favorite go to piece.

I love any of these days.

When Ted made this pendant he chose this side as the front.  But again, as with our other primitive pendants, either side will work.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeTed started with a larger gauge copper wire and formed a hoop.  He wrapped some copper wire near the top and continued down the sides in a vine type fashion.  The glass piece is encased within a tangled labyrinth of copper wire.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeThis particular pendant measures about 1 3/4″ in diameter.

Using a triangular shape of glass, Ted laid a bundle of copper wire across the top wide end of the glass wedge. He then  melted the glass with the torch.  As it became molten he carefully rolled the end of glass over the bundle of copper wire, encasing the wire within.  When cooled, the copper wires extended out either side of the rolled glass.  These wires became the labyrinth vine which holds the glass piece in the copper hoop.

This was all serendipitous and the art evolved as Ted was attempting a copper and glass fusion.

I can’t decide if this primitive pendant should be held from a chain or a cord.  Any ideas?



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