Hello From Gaelic Forge!

Hello from Gaelic Forge!  We’re Ted and Violet and we welcome you to Gaelic Forge.   My husband is the metal smith and I like to stir up wonderful botanicals with fascinating fragrances and colors.

Ted and I live in the country below the western slopes of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We’ve been married over thirty years and have raised six amazing kids.  We have six incredible grandkids and love being Poppa and Gramma!

Ted has a “real” job that he goes away to every morning before sunrise.  When he comes home he heads to the work shop out back, cranks the music up and unwinds as he creates hand forged Celtic style jewelry.

Through our blog we will take you into the shop to see what is happening on the work bench.  I literally will take hundreds of photos and share what is beginning to take form with hammer, anvil and fire.

Feel free to leave us a comment or email us at TandVh@gaelicforge.org

~Ted & Violet~

Gaelic Forge

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