Copper Earrings From Gaelic Forge

More copper earrings from Gaelic Forge on Etsy.  I have four pairs of hand forged lovelies to show today and as usual, these Celtic earrings are diverse and different.  Lots of hammered goodness with awesome patinas, mixes of metals and bead accents.  It’s always fun to see how this mix will evolve through the hand forged process.

Up first are these gorgeous pieces that are heavy with Celtic and Tribal character.  Made all from copper with different processes such as rolling, hammering, twisting and braiding.

hand forged earrings

Bold design with Celtic Tribal character.

These are definitely one of a kind. There are lots of days when the muse is playfully active round Gaelic Forge!

hand forged jewelry

Here is another pair of beautiful copper hoops, hammered and accented with an organic twist of copper suspended in the center.  Kissed with fire for a striking contrast.

hammered copper jewelry

Lots of earthiness in this design.


This next pair of copper earrings is a favorite design that Ted loves to work with.  The patterned patina looks like rust streaming with scorched, verdigris patina.

Celtic copper earrings

Simple design that show cases the verdigris patina and swirled copper accent.

A little swirled knot of copper wire accents the end.  This close-up shows the subtle organic texture that appeared through the patina process.

Copper Earrings
I love this next pair with its surprising, non-conforming crazy design! And primitive and tribal to boot! All hammered, rolled and touched with fire for a scorched flame patina.

Primitive Celtic Earrings

Hammered earrings, primitive Celtic style.

These copper earrings have a nice patina pattern which just languidly flows off from the end of these pieces.

Hand forged Celtic earrings

I’m going to take a few more shots of these four pairs and work to upload them to our shop this coming week.  Next week.  If you like any of these then be sure to be on the lookout for them.

Until then, stay cool, be mindful and enjoy life!



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