Challenge To Snap Photos Every Day

In a recent post I wrote about my failure with picture taking.  Vowing not to do this again I challenged myself to snap photos every day.

The River As Seen From Our Lunch Spot

We drove higher up to the foothills and the river was so beautiful!

I didn’t put a number on the photos I would take.  I just must do it.  It takes twenty-one days to create a new habit.  At the time of this writing I have eighteen more days to go!

I actually love using my camera and I do take pictures of quite a lot.  But establishing a daily photo of life around me is the challenge.  On a daily basis that is, as in every single day.  I’ll admit that some days have passed without picture taking.  But I forgive myself and move on in pursuit of my new thing and working to make it second nature.

Gorgeous view of the river on a beautiful afternoon.I zoomed in some for this shot.  It’s basically from the same vantage spot as the first photo.  This is a view of the river that runs from the snow melt up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Another upside to taking photos every day is that I’m learning to use my iPhone camera.  I’ve been resistant to using it, telling myself that the quality of the photos was not so good.  And I kept putting it off.  But I knew that some of you were taking excellent shots with your phones and I marveled over them.  I also marveled about how you were getting serendipitous shots of life around you.

That’s the habit I want.  And besides all this, my phone is usually always with me or within arms reach.

I’m making myself envious now and just want to walk away from the computer, grab the camera and go outside.  But then again, writing for Gaelic Forge is another challenge.  Moving on.

Challenge To Snap Photos Every day.Challenge To Snap Photos Every DayAs you can see from this photo and the next one down I really need to learn about focusing the camera phone where I would like.  This shot should have a nice clear focus of the yellow broom plant.

Learning to take photos with iPhoneThis shot.  The soda can is supposed to be a focused clear image.

I’ve started gathering collections of my own with my Canon and phone camera.  All these pictures I’m sharing today are exclusively from my iPhone.

A challenge to take photos.

Looks like an old furnace of some sort.

How about you?  Do you have a solid gold habit of taking ridiculous amounts of photos?  Do you know how to focus your phone camera, iPhone camera where you want?  Please share your tips and advice, I would love to read them!


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