Agates For Celtic Style Pendants

We love using agates for Celtic style pendants and have been looking forward to this Gem and Mineral show for the last two months!  Our goal was to find a few agates for some  pendants creations.  Amidst all the dazzling gems and minerals, we managed to stay focused and scouted around the show for some beautiful new sliced agates.  Not too large but perfect for our primitive Celtic pieces.

Gorgeous Blue Sliced Agates

Gorgeous blue sliced agates.

These will make perfect pendants.  The largest blue agate measures about 2 3/4″ in length.  The different hues of blue and the translucent softness of the color in between the striated patterns are simply lovely.

Sliced Agates For New Pendants.My guess is that Ted will wrap these agates with some copper along with some other copper elements.

Sliced Agates in Brown ColorsThese agates are of a different color.  They are loaded with gradations of sand, lavender, burnt orange, fiery red and intense mahogany.  There is a multitude of hues in between the agates patterns.

I think the top stone in this next photo will look great with flamed patina copper pieces.    The warm colors of the copper and stone will be perfect and full of Celtic Tribal character.

Blue with blue always looks good and I can’t wait to see what this midnight stone will look like when it’s complete.  Can you tell I’m hoping for some blue patina or beads?

The agate is trimmed with its own accent of a thin black frame which is bordered with turquoise blue.  Organic artwork.

Stone Pendants From Gaelic Forge

These should turn out interesting with their intriguing color patterns.

This little photo collection shows a montage of sweet textures, lines, shapes and colors.  I wish I had collected five pieces for this shot instead of four.  Oh well, sweet just the same.

Agates And Stones For PendantsWell, time to go out back and gaze at the different shades of green and see if I can spot any hummingbirds.

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