6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!

Six new pairs of Celtic copper earrings will arrive in our shop this coming week.  As usual, these copper earrings are full of ancient Celtic vibes and artistic flair!

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Made entirely of copper these open hoops are dimensional with a double casting of copper wire.  A hammered pendulum drops down through the open circle presenting an awesome little design detail.  These are held from handmade copper ear hooks with teal glass beads.  A slight flame patina warms the copper color.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Now this copper pair is bold with solid copper pieces suspended within hammered hoops.  Beautiful amber color glass beads are accented altogether divinely against the flamed copper.  These Celtic lovelies measure about 4 inches from top to bottom.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!These are loaded with a profuse mix of ancient and primitive expression.  Sure to please those of us who desire our accessories to be on the edge!  Flame sets the color off perfectly and is contrasted with a scorch patina near the top of the tear drop copper piece.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper EarringsJust like wearing little copper sculptures that will dance and sway from the tips of your ears!  Hammered copper discs’ are the backdrop for bundles of twisted and knotted copper wire.  Flame patina brings about luscious, contrasting color lending an atmosphere of ancient antiquity.  Amber color pressed glass beads were added to adorn the handmade ear hooks.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Celtic copper earrings that are simple in design, straightforward and uncomplicated.  The copper discs’ have a hammered texture and flame patina.  Accented with three molten copper beads in the center.  The handmade copper ear hooks show off red glass pearls that easily take your attention down towards the molten copper bead drops.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper EarringsLast up are these twisted little copper shapes.  Formed like a primitive “S” shape, hammered near the top and rolled flat at the nether end.  Hit with fire to bring out the gorgeous color of earthy copper, revealing wild patterns of coppery reds and blackened seared intensity.

Experience the Celtic Tribal Transcendence!

See you soon at the Gaelic Forge!


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