6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!

Six new pairs of Celtic copper earrings will arrive in our shop this coming week.  As usual, these copper earrings are full of ancient Celtic vibes and artistic flair!

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Made entirely of copper these open hoops are dimensional with a double casting of copper wire.  A hammered pendulum drops down through the open circle presenting an awesome little design detail.  These are held from handmade copper ear hooks with teal glass beads.  A slight flame patina warms the copper color.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Now this copper pair is bold with solid copper pieces suspended within hammered hoops.  Beautiful amber color glass beads are accented altogether divinely against the flamed copper.  These Celtic lovelies measure about 4 inches from top to bottom.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!These are loaded with a profuse mix of ancient and primitive expression.  Sure to please those of us who desire our accessories to be on the edge!  Flame sets the color off perfectly and is contrasted with a scorch patina near the top of the tear drop copper piece.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper EarringsJust like wearing little copper sculptures that will dance and sway from the tips of your ears!  Hammered copper discs’ are the backdrop for bundles of twisted and knotted copper wire.  Flame patina brings about luscious, contrasting color lending an atmosphere of ancient antiquity.  Amber color pressed glass beads were added to adorn the handmade ear hooks.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper Earrings!Celtic copper earrings that are simple in design, straightforward and uncomplicated.  The copper discs’ have a hammered texture and flame patina.  Accented with three molten copper beads in the center.  The handmade copper ear hooks show off red glass pearls that easily take your attention down towards the molten copper bead drops.

6 New Pairs of Celtic Copper EarringsLast up are these twisted little copper shapes.  Formed like a primitive “S” shape, hammered near the top and rolled flat at the nether end.  Hit with fire to bring out the gorgeous color of earthy copper, revealing wild patterns of coppery reds and blackened seared intensity.

Experience the Celtic Tribal Transcendence!

See you soon at the Gaelic Forge!


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Challenge To Snap Photos Every Day

In a recent post I wrote about my failure with picture taking.  Vowing not to do this again I challenged myself to snap photos every day.

The River As Seen From Our Lunch Spot

We drove higher up to the foothills and the river was so beautiful!

I didn’t put a number on the photos I would take.  I just must do it.  It takes twenty-one days to create a new habit.  At the time of this writing I have eighteen more days to go!

I actually love using my camera and I do take pictures of quite a lot.  But establishing a daily photo of life around me is the challenge.  On a daily basis that is, as in every single day.  I’ll admit that some days have passed without picture taking.  But I forgive myself and move on in pursuit of my new thing and working to make it second nature.

Gorgeous view of the river on a beautiful afternoon.I zoomed in some for this shot.  It’s basically from the same vantage spot as the first photo.  This is a view of the river that runs from the snow melt up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Another upside to taking photos every day is that I’m learning to use my iPhone camera.  I’ve been resistant to using it, telling myself that the quality of the photos was not so good.  And I kept putting it off.  But I knew that some of you were taking excellent shots with your phones and I marveled over them.  I also marveled about how you were getting serendipitous shots of life around you.

That’s the habit I want.  And besides all this, my phone is usually always with me or within arms reach.

I’m making myself envious now and just want to walk away from the computer, grab the camera and go outside.  But then again, writing for Gaelic Forge is another challenge.  Moving on.

Challenge To Snap Photos Every day.Challenge To Snap Photos Every DayAs you can see from this photo and the next one down I really need to learn about focusing the camera phone where I would like.  This shot should have a nice clear focus of the yellow broom plant.

Learning to take photos with iPhoneThis shot.  The soda can is supposed to be a focused clear image.

I’ve started gathering collections of my own with my Canon and phone camera.  All these pictures I’m sharing today are exclusively from my iPhone.

A challenge to take photos.

Looks like an old furnace of some sort.

How about you?  Do you have a solid gold habit of taking ridiculous amounts of photos?  Do you know how to focus your phone camera, iPhone camera where you want?  Please share your tips and advice, I would love to read them!


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Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

Making the time to take the photos this past weekend just did not happen.  We vended at the Renaissance Fair and although I kept thinking that I needed to grab my Canon and take the photos, I continued to work and attend to things throughout both days of the fair.

Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

Saturday Morning, getting ready for the show.

These are the only shots I have.  I took them on the morning of set up.  And that’s it.  I did make time to visit the other booths but when I came back to ours, it was back to work for me.

The set up didn’t really take long.  Our son came with us and helped to get everything put up.  This show required our canopy to fit in with the time of a Renaissance Market.  Our son volunteered to make a canopy cover for us.  Three painters canvases later along with a few hours of measuring, cutting and sewing, produced a canopy that was rustic and period looking!  Exactly what was needed and what we wanted.  Thank you Woody!

After all the tables were up and covered with cloths and tapestries I began the course of setting out the jewelry cases.  I wanted everything to be as right and as beautiful as possible.  This was a challenge because we had gusts of wind up to fifteen miles per hour throughout the day.

Time To Take The Photos Can Be Difficult

There I was taking the lint roller to each and every one of our thirty-one trays, striving to make the black velveteen as black as possible.  I love the way our hand forged jewelry looks against the black; but oh my gosh.  It did show every bit of little speck blown to the tray!

The lint roller doesn’t really fit into the tray for a nice clean sweep.  I have to do this at every show and at every show I tear lint sheets off and basically dab the lint up from the trays as I move our jewelry from side to side.  This takes time and is tedious but this is the best way I have found.  A small whisk broom works well for the table cloths.

All in all it was a successful weekend and as with any show we came away with some new perspectives and ideas to help us improve our presentation.  As usual it’s always wonderful to interact with our customers one on one and in person!

Until next time, be awesome and we’ll see you at the Gaelic Forge!


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Keeping Our Jewelry Inventory Organized

Keeping our jewelry inventory organized is an evolving process.  When we first started vending at shows I was at a complete loss as how to make sure that we were keeping our sold inventory deleted from the shop.

Jewelry Display TraysIn the early days of our business I mostly had all our jewelry uploaded to our Gaelic Forge shop.  When we set up at shows we used our shop’s inventory.  The week after the show was a disorganized nightmare!  I literally laid out all the display trays, all thirty-one of them, on the living room floor.

Jewelry Display CasesThen next I brought Etsy up on the computer and opened a tab for each page in our shop.  In those days that was anywhere between seven and eleven pages.  I would have between 168 to 264 pieces of jewelry that I had to check.

It was crazy.

I would go to page one, check the first piece of jewelry, and then literally, very literally look at each and every display case in front of me.  If I didn’t see the actual piece of jewelry in any of the  boxes then I would deactivate it from the shop.

After this I would look at the second item on page one and gaze through the display boxes.  et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

On to the second page, on to the third page….

For hours.  For days.  It seemed to go on forever.

Jewelry Inventory

I’ve heard such stories from other jewelers who were at their wit’s end about this exact same dilemma.  Some just gave up on one or the other.  Either they would set up at shows and give up their shop, or they would keep their online shop open and give up shows.

I tried to make it work.  As items sold at the shows I would take a quick picture before I packed the jewelry off to our customers.  But then we would become to busy to take the shot.  I tried index cards, spread sheets and categorizing the trays.  Although not completely 100%, the most successful was to delete items from the shop using the iPad.  But when we had flurries of customers and sales this failed also.

I was ready to give up shows.  I couldn’t keep track of the jewelry inventory.

Jewelry Inventory

Ted says this shot looks like the opening of Star Wars IV.

But hold on, I’m happy to say that this story does have a successful end!

Last year Ted pointed out the fact that we now had enough inventory to do both.  It was very simple.  Hand forge jewelry that was listed in the shop would not go to shows.

That was it.  What was in the shop, stayed in the shop.  Jewelry inventory that was not in the shop could be taken to shows.  Happy us.  Or more precisely, happy me.

Jewelry InventoryI’ll share some tips in a future post about some other ways I’ve found to help keep our shop’s inventory organized.

Do any of you have ideas about keeping your jewelry inventory organized?  We would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to share your tips in comments below.

Well that’s it for today.  We are getting ready to set our booth up at a Renaissance Fair this weekend!  We’ve always had so much fun attending the Renaissance events but this will be the first time Gaelic Forge will be setting up as merchants!  I look forward to sharing pictures and letting you know how it went.

Stay cool and we’ll see you at the Gaelic Forge!




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Primitive Pendants From Gaelic Forge

Today I’m sharing some primitive pendants from Gaelic Forge.  Some of these pendants feature the tumbled glass that I wrote about here.

Tumbled Glass PendantThis first piece is made with a tumbled emerald green glass.  It is beautiful and translucent as the color sweeps into different hues of green and green yellow.  All very subtle with bubbles within the glass to add an interesting detail.

Ted forge welded several pieces of different lengths copper wire together and next formed them into swirls and curls around the tumbled glass.

Primitive Celtic Glass PendantAs you can see, each side of this pendant has a different dimensional flow of copper swirl and therefore either side can be worn to the front!  This little treasure measures about 2 1/2 in length.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeThis next primitive pendant is also green and very opaque.  The pale green has striations of different hues creating a nice flowing stream of color.  Again, Ted has forge welded several different pieces of copper wire together and secured them around the glass.

And like the first pendant, this one can also be worn with either side turned towards the front.  I love it when we can be a little moody with our jewelry.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeOne more thing about this gorgeous pendant is that it was featured in Belle Amoire Jewelry magazine!  I claimed this one for myself and it has become one of my favorites.  I wear this pendant.  I love the color.  So calm.

This last of these primitive pendants is most definitely complex and bold!  You’ll know when you should wear a piece of jewelry like this one!  If you are having a bold day, statement day, creative day, whimsical day or eccentric day, this pendant can become your favorite go to piece.

I love any of these days.

When Ted made this pendant he chose this side as the front.  But again, as with our other primitive pendants, either side will work.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeTed started with a larger gauge copper wire and formed a hoop.  He wrapped some copper wire near the top and continued down the sides in a vine type fashion.  The glass piece is encased within a tangled labyrinth of copper wire.

Primitive Pendants From Gaelic ForgeThis particular pendant measures about 1 3/4″ in diameter.

Using a triangular shape of glass, Ted laid a bundle of copper wire across the top wide end of the glass wedge. He then  melted the glass with the torch.  As it became molten he carefully rolled the end of glass over the bundle of copper wire, encasing the wire within.  When cooled, the copper wires extended out either side of the rolled glass.  These wires became the labyrinth vine which holds the glass piece in the copper hoop.

This was all serendipitous and the art evolved as Ted was attempting a copper and glass fusion.

I can’t decide if this primitive pendant should be held from a chain or a cord.  Any ideas?



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Agates For Celtic Style Pendants

We love using agates for Celtic style pendants and have been looking forward to this Gem and Mineral show for the last two months!  Our goal was to find a few agates for some  pendants creations.  Amidst all the dazzling gems and minerals, we managed to stay focused and scouted around the show for some beautiful new sliced agates.  Not too large but perfect for our primitive Celtic pieces.

Gorgeous Blue Sliced Agates

Gorgeous blue sliced agates.

These will make perfect pendants.  The largest blue agate measures about 2 3/4″ in length.  The different hues of blue and the translucent softness of the color in between the striated patterns are simply lovely.

Sliced Agates For New Pendants.My guess is that Ted will wrap these agates with some copper along with some other copper elements.

Sliced Agates in Brown ColorsThese agates are of a different color.  They are loaded with gradations of sand, lavender, burnt orange, fiery red and intense mahogany.  There is a multitude of hues in between the agates patterns.

I think the top stone in this next photo will look great with flamed patina copper pieces.    The warm colors of the copper and stone will be perfect and full of Celtic Tribal character.

Blue with blue always looks good and I can’t wait to see what this midnight stone will look like when it’s complete.  Can you tell I’m hoping for some blue patina or beads?

The agate is trimmed with its own accent of a thin black frame which is bordered with turquoise blue.  Organic artwork.

Stone Pendants From Gaelic Forge

These should turn out interesting with their intriguing color patterns.

This little photo collection shows a montage of sweet textures, lines, shapes and colors.  I wish I had collected five pieces for this shot instead of four.  Oh well, sweet just the same.

Agates And Stones For PendantsWell, time to go out back and gaze at the different shades of green and see if I can spot any hummingbirds.

Until next time,





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Tumbled Glass For Our Celtic Inspired Jewelry

We love using beautiful tumbled glass in different pieces of our jewelry artwork.  We call it “faux sea glass” and it looks gorgeous used with our favorite metal, copper.  Have you ever explored the beauty and possibilities that can be found in little scraps of tumbled glass?  The artistic wonders can be endless and if you have a stain glass shop near you then  get on over there and see what they offer.

tumbled glass

Showing off some of the different colors of the tumbled glass.

There is just such a shop about a forty-five minute drive from us.  And this shop is to die for as far as stain glass shops go!  It is very large with large windows that really let the light shine in.   There is always so much to see, so many colors everywhere and an endless selection of  gorgeous glass panels all lined up and organized by color.

Whenever our son, who is a stain glass artist makes a trip to this glass shop, I am sure to tag along.   They offer bits of colored glass that are left over from various projects and classes.  The medley of glass is cycled through the tumbler and the edges are soften and rounded and become inspiration for wonderful projects.

The first thing I do when I walk through the door is to head straight for the stoneware bowl to search through the collection of kaleidoscopic pieces.  I practically pick every one up to check out the shapes, colors, hues and patterns.

tumbled glass

A Kaleidoscopic collection of tumbled glass.

They sell these tumbled glass by the pound and I picked up quite a collection.  Just look at some of the pieces I came home with!  Blues, (I love the Blues), greens, yellows, red and different variations in between.

This is my artistic shot, showing off a little of our Maiden Hair fern.

tumbled glassDifferent shades of blue.

tumbled glassSome of the variegated patterns are down right stunning and serendipitous!

Love these.

tumbled glassI snatched up every rose-colored piece of tumbled glass.

tumbled glass

Various colors of purple and lavender pieces.

I can’t wait to see what Ted will make with these bits of tumbled glass.

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you soon at the Gaelic Forge!


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Springtime In The Foothills

It is springtime in the foothills and I had been looking forward to taking a break from the normal!   Normality is what Ted calls it.  Get out.  It was time to shake some of  that normality off.

I headed up to the hills.  Bees.  Birds.  Flowers.  Breezes.  Springtime.

Springtime in the foothills.

Happy to be out in the green hillsides!

Sitting in a sea of tall grass watching as it gently danced to the touch of the wind.  Green with wisps of faded color, my companion as I sat in the midst with my camera in hand.  Watching.  I was literally right in the middle of springtime!

Vivid yellow mustard flower.

A single wild flower.I was just loving this day.  My soul was being charged and all for just getting out and taking a break from my normal work.

There’s nothing like a few hours away for quiet discovery.  It’s always the small things that can make such a difference!

I return home and with a refreshed sense of spirit and balance let me share what I found on the workbench!

These pieces will be bold copper earrings, rich with primitive Celtic style.  The rolled copper pieces are held with hammered copper wire.  Hammered copper discs’ are in the background and will be used in other jewelry creations.

Primitive and Celtic style copper earrings.The once molten copper-red is contrasted nicely with the blue accents.

Primitive Copper EarringsThis next piece will be bold with rustic and primitive character.  The copper holds a bit of tumbled glass.

Unfinished Celtic pendant.

Another work in progress. The copper elements may be added to this primitive piece.

Copper Celtic Pendant

Maybe one of the copper accents will be placed here.

Ted  might wrap some wire at the top before it’s suspended from a copper chain.  Or maybe it will be suspended from a leather cord.

I’ll show these again when they are finished and complete.  In the meantime…..

Go discover!

I’ll see you soon at the Forge!


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